Mothers Intuition

Have you ever had an instinct? An instinct that begins as a gnawing...Then grows into a raging burn; a burning instinct that something is wrong...

Your baby continues to get sick from the very foods he is supposed to thrive on. I did. I am a mom of a little boy just diagnosed with FPIES.

And that burning feeling now? Extinguished. My instincts? Stronger than ever. Guiding me, with my faith, as we navigate through the murky waters of our new world created by something called FPIES.

"Faith is not about everything turning out OK; Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out."

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zucchini will not be added to Little Man's safe foods....

We started zucchini last week.....we're doing in hospital trials for the first 3 days (not challenge, trial) to see if we can begin to put together more pieces to Little man's puzzle of multiple intolerances and reaction symptoms- is it all purely FPIES or are there other intolerances that are compounding his FPIES, giving us further foods to not include in his safe foods?   He does have enzyme deficiency- he lacks the gut level enzymes to digest sugars/carbohydrates/starches; so that will continue to make it more muddy for him.  The other question is does he have a metabolic component- something we haven't yet tested for?  He recently had some incidental lab findings (when working up a low blood sugar) that may be clues to some metabolic issues compounding, we are getting a work up with a metabolic MD now so will update more on that later.  The other component we are looking for is an auto-immune.  Does his body attack itself because of the FPIES and then not be able to turn it off?   Does his body attack itself from not tolerating a food and then turn on his FPIES?   We simply don't know.  The goals of food trials right now is to collect more of this data so we can analyze better - if there is something else we can be doing to help him thrive through this diagnosis.  Are we missing anything?   There is a good chance that we are not.  There are a few handfuls of FPIES kids who do not have more than a dozen foods until they are 4-5, or older.  This could very well be simply what is happening to our Little Man as well.   The complicating factor is his severe and sensitive corn allergy, and that he cannot tolerate the elemental nutrition many other children survive and thrive on for these years while they wait for their body to heal.   

Is zucchini a full FPIES fail?  We didn't get to full FPIES-to-bile vomit so we won't ever know 100% sure but he did have vomit, he did have diarrhea, he did have dehydration.  Bottom line, he simply got to sick- from such little amounts of food, that he was increasingly refusing to eat....less and less ingestion causing more and more symptoms:  

The first day- he had about 1/2tsp, he had some off symptoms but nothing that i could definitively identify as a reaction symptoms build as they were muddled with him being 2, and in the hospital.

The next day, his body was having some low blood sugars (before we even did the zucchini); and then he went into acidosis (low bicarb and continued low blood sugars) after the zucchini; and had a full blown "episode"- full tantrum where he was irrational and inconsolable, and he was drooling (not ok, not normal); and choking. He took about 45min to calm down (this is a classic type tantrum when his body is struggling). The next morning, his neutrophils were declined and his hemoglobin fell an entire point. All of these labs were written off to be related to something else; so we were encouraged to push forward. Although Sam was not interested in eating any more zucchini. So, we switched to baked in form.

Day 3- he ate only nibbles but seemed to be ok; no repeat of symptoms from the day before and his labs were all re-cooped. It appeared, at this time, that his body was trying to tolerate the food- and winning. We were optimistic. We went home the following morning.

Day 4- he had some "cookies" (zucchini/millet/oil/peaches) at home, did fine but was having some "poop soup" diapers but not really any other symptoms- and was just happy to be home.

Day 5 - things start to get a little muddy, poop soup diaper again, starting to get whiny and cranky off and on.

Day 6- I give him a Tsp of boiled, purred zucchini again- thinking if he was building to a reaction, we would see it from this controlled amount (vs. baked in). He had no concerning or building symptoms that day, he slept well overnight- doing well overall.

Day 7- eating zucchini/millet flour/oil biscuits and loving them- doing well all day; gagged on a piece of zucchini (insisted on holding a piece of raw zucchini I was cutting up to prepare to freeze and bit a teeny-tiny piece off)...or at least I think it was from the zucchini. It was enough to cover his plate but he was fine after. Although he has choked before on foods (due to texture) and not thrown up like this, so….

Day 8- slept well overnight, poops are no longer loose but do have some mucus in them (but that isn't so out of the normal for him that it would alarm me)- was doing well in the morning but started to really get "off" today- lots of whiny/cranky, looks so tired, and pale.

Day 9- eating less and less - of these baked millet/zucchini biscuits, whiny and clingy, more mucus and smell in his poops, seems to be having low blood sugar episodes,....

Day 10- rough day, decreased appetite, decreased wet diapers, looks terrible (purple around eyes), disrupted sleep (crying in sleep a lot- for naps and night). Had some millet/peaches waffles (no zucchini- made biscuits but barely nibbled them)- loved the waffles!

Day 11- same as yesterday but worse. Each day he eats less of the zucchini but gets worse. He is declining. Sleep is disrupted. Mood is terrible, whiny and angry- hitting and sensitive...

Day 12- today is day 12 and he's a mess. There isn’t' anything significant happening in his diapers. He had this weird drooling this morning, put his hand in his mouth, gagged and threw up (caught me off guard as he doesn't do that when he's at a baseline) but don’t' know what to make of it. Feel he had low blood sugar episodes again today. He hasn't played AT ALL today- he's been in bed watching movies all day, or in my arms, or sleeping. He is taking his bottles better today (had been declining for a few days).

Day 13: He slept ok through the night, except when he woke up at 5am, crying, I notice that his diaper is dry- completly dry.   He has been hooked up to IV nutrition for ~8hrs, and he has not urinated.  I calm him down and we go back to sleep (he does not want to drink anything).  When we woke up at 7am, he had soaked through his diaper....something caught up and "clicked"...whew.    But that was weird, he is always wet through well before 5am- between drinking 30-40oz./day and getting IV nutrition through the night; he is an overly hydrated little man.  So, any signs of dehydration- even temporary, concerns me.  
This morning is his weekly lab draw.  This lab draw will help me decide if we will continue to challenge zucchini or if we need to move on.   If his internal body shows me the signs of struggling that we are seeing externally, we will need to stop.  If his body isn't showing any signs of struggling, we will challenge with a full dose today and measure labs 4-6hrs. later and the next morning so we can get a more clear answer. 
I keep him hooked up to his IV nutrition until the moment the home health nurse draws the blood.   The home health nurse takes a few notes and then takes his blood to the lab to be analyzed and we wait.  I am nervous about "challenging" him today with zucchini as he is just a mess.  He is whiny and clingy and clearly not feeling well.  A few hours later, we get the labs and they reveal a very low neutrophil count (white blood cells)- a pattern for Sam following a reaction that we have observed in the past is this neutropenic look to his white cells. His hemoglobin is also falling again.   And, most concerning- his blood sugar is quite low (45).  His body is struggling to maintain his blood sugars- and that is while he is getting nutrition infused into his blood stream!  His platelets are on the rise but not out of range of normal, although we have never seen them too high since starting TPN- but he gets heperin in his line to keep it from clotting over, so I would imagine we won't get true readings with that; so trends of increasing is what we're watching for.   Another lab that we would see if his body was struggling, another one that is in his pattern, is his bicarbonate levels- he becomes clinically dehydrated BEFORE the vomit/diarrhea.   I suspect it has something to do with the sepsis state his body is in while "fighting" this reaction.   His bicarb is not low....but I am susicipious this is being masked by the IV nutrition (thankfully!) -- remember the dry overnight diaper at 5am?   That tells me more accurately what the IV nutrition might be masking.  

It's enough for me, the outward appearance and suffering of our little man and now his pattern of labs indicating that his body is struggling.   There is no reason to include zucchini in his diet, we won't be able to move foward with other foods, he's not thriving he's 

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